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北京凤凰妇科医院位于朝阳区将台西路18号(皮革大厦旁),是一家专注女性医疗、魅力维养、女性保健的现代化女子健康会所式医院。医院以"四化"、"四学"为诊疗原则,秉承JCI国际医院标准,全面导入3H国际医疗管理服务(Home·家、Hotel·宾馆、Hospital·医院 ),以世界卫生组织(WHO)定义的健康为标准,倡导尊重生命,创建"治病"到"治病人"的医疗服务模式,让患者感受生命的温暖,让诊疗成为美好的回忆。

Phoenix maternity hospital is located in chaoyang district in Beijing will be a west road no. 18 (leather by the building), is a focus on women's medical care, charm have d, women health care of modern woman hospital health club. Hospital with "four modernizations", "four" for the diagnosis and treatment principles, adhering to standards and JCI international Hospital comprehensive import 3 h international health management services, Home, Home, Hotel, guesthouse, Hospital, Hospital), to the world health organization (WHO) defined health as a standard, advocating respect for life, to create a "cure" to "cure" medical service mode, let patients feel the warmth of life, make diagnosis and wonderful memories.

  • 温馨病房:给患者创造一个安静、舒适、整洁的住院环境,坚持高质量的晨间护理,是温馨病房里的值班医生和护士姐妹们每天做的件事。

  • 护士站:微笑服务天使们,拥有娴熟的护理技能。用美好心灵和精湛技术呵护每一位病人,使病人的生命延续,健康重现。

  • 医院大厅:空间高挑气派,视觉开扬通透,顿时一种高大上的视觉来袭,让您来看的不仅是病,而是一种服务上的享受(一)。


Beijing phoenix hospital of department of gynaecology adhere to the "science and technology is popular the courtyard, special hospital, hospital management, talents and culture built courtyard" manage idea, innovation management mode, strengthening the connotation construction, focus on women's health, AD hoc center of department of gynaecology, gynecological endocrinology, gynecology tumor, reproductive assisted reproduction, breast center, traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health, psychological consultation, international health, and other high-quality goods department. In addition, a phoenix hospital will also be the traditional medical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), medical doctor green channel and healthy organic merged into the field of comprehensive health management service system, provide private health management membership service, from the physical, psychological and social angles, star omni-directional protect society from all walks of life, art and industry successful women, white-collar life quality of the wind and other social elites.


Beijing phoenix hospital of department of gynaecology has always attached great importance to in line with international standards, and actively introduce about the disease diagnosis and treatment of advanced concepts, technology and method, such as the international union of gynecology and obstetrics (FIGO) the United States, such as gynecological tumor group (GOG) launched by the guide. Hospital GE, American history, the company with the United States, Switzerland, Roche and so on world famous medical equipment company to reach a close strategic cooperation, the introduction of the Stryker laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, Roche electrochemical luminescence automatic immunoassay system international latest cutting-edge medical equipment, do not regularly participate in academic exchanges at home and abroad, in the professional field of department of gynaecology and the United States, Germany, France, Britain and other international top research institutions, experts and scholars to carry out the management of department of gynaecology, medical treatment and services such as seminars, special supply the technical support for professional treatment.



Beijing phoenix hospital of department of gynaecology patients are women, and they are both women, is also a person wife, is mother, set family social responsibility at a suit, so paramedics do not have the slightest negligence and slack off. Hospitals adhere to the "technical experts" development strategy, from at home and abroad to introduce a high level of discipline leaders, formed a unity, fraternity, upward, combative team forever. Implement the "doctor", respect for a medical services around more, form "to enjoy, care, specialization" new service environment.

Phoenix hospital existing staff more than 100 people, of which the subtropical high above title (including the subtropical high) more than 30 people, 8 people distinguished national expert, some experts carried out as early as the early 1990 s by laparoscopic gynecologic minimally invasive surgery, participate in national and provincial scientific research project, science and technology progress prize by the ministry of health, provincial and municipal science and technology commission and other various hundred items, writing dozens of professional books, has formed "the advantages, features, who have expertise" development advantage.



⊙ 倡导"7S服务理念":即微笑Smile、真诚Sincerity、规范Standard、



As low carbon, green becomes the development trend of modern life, Beijing phoenix hospital of department of gynaecology advocate in addition to the appropriate use of drugs, combined with the use of physical therapy to treat disease, use of traditional Chinese medicine and behavioral medicine recuperates the women's health and chronic disease, reduce the use of antibiotics, rejection, excessive treatment such as green health way, adhere to the "four modernizations", "four" diagnosis and treatment principle, to provide customers with Europe and the United States synchronized quality medical services.

Follow the "four modernizations and four" : the standardization of leading the individualized, humanization and minimally invasive, medical humanities to stimulate evidence-based medicine, medical value and translational medicine, with minimal trauma to the human body (noninvasive or minimally invasive) to achieve the best effect for treatment.

Advocacy "7 s service concept" : namely, Smile Smile, sincere Sincerity, specification Standard, Fast Speed, strictly Strictness, security Safety and Satisfaction, Satisfaction from knowing - - treatment - follow-up, patients Satisfaction for medical treatment.

Adhere to the "private clinic" : to build family housekeeper type medical service system, put an end to "a doctor all onlookers" phenomenon, one office, fully protect the patient's privacy.




Charges even though the price of the public, transparent consumption: the price in the hospital internal public charge standard, at any time can query; Physicians according to patients condition, estimate the cost of treatment, patients for a free choice.

Chung Yang medical ethics, harmonious development, adhering to the traditional Chinese medical ethics, and from the management system and evaluation mechanism to strengthen the construction of medical staff medical ethics, put an end to "red envelope", "eat dinner", etc.

Life is priceless, never discount: the earth person all know, any products are cost, the price discount, the quality is no guarantee. So, the phoenix who never discount of department of gynaecology, because patients health and medical quality.




European court, decorate style outstanding quality in Paris Beijing phoenix hospital of department of gynaecology, decorate a style to the phoenix patterns as the theme, orange red color for the ornament, gorgeous and elegant; History of elegance and modern spirit to escape here, hand in photograph reflect, pursue health beautiful you can temporarily from the hustle and bustle of the city, listening to beautiful music in the quiet elegant environment, release your heart.

VIP hospital according to the five-star hotel standard, is equipped with LCD TV, the sanitary system, central oxygen supply, central monitoring, bedside call, trackless infusion frame, high-end mobile hospital beds and other advanced facilities, which enjoy private every inch of space that is warm and comfortable home is static, in the realm of your dignity and from infringement every detail reveal your noble status, make your career and life bring out the best in each other.

Top Beijing phoenix hospital of department of gynaecology, urban women health club, beautiful warm service and good care to your home generally agreeable, noble medical ethics and superb medical and protect your health and beauty!






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